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My first impressionable experience with a computer was at age 7 when my father brought home a XT format 8088 and a 13″ monocrome monitor.  What was really exciting about this computer is that it only had one 5.25″ floppy drive.  It only needed one because it had a 20 megabyte MFM harddisk in it!  While all my friends were stuck with dual 5.25″ drives, so one could be perpetual host to the DOS boot disk.  One of my first memories with that computer is typing in GW Basic games out of books from the library.

One day my father purchased a 2400baud US Robotics modem, for work functions and to retrieve data from compuserve, and shortly there after I discovered that you could get the phone numbers of local BBS out of printed trade magazines.  The experience of connecting to “foreign” places and interacting with people via door games immediately changed the way I perceived computers.  Computers became not just a tool or for basic entertainment, but a doorway into a virtual universe.  Apparently, I was hooked for life because of the experience.  My fascination for little boxes with blinking lights as a child has turned into a life long passion.