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How to find a mechanic that doesn’t suck?


Amazingly enough, my ’90 Eclipse won’t start after having sat curbside, uncovered and in exposed to the full glory of the Hawaiian climate, for almost a year. After replacing the dead battery (thanks for the warranty Sears, hehe) and topping of the the oil plan the engine turns over fine but it won’t start. So it looks like I need to find a mechanic[1]. It turns out that Cartalk has a Mechanic Finder forum with user comments. Based on the comments there I guess I’ll be giving
Kyle’s Service a call on Monday.

[1] Of course, I wouldn’t be doing shit about this if I hadn’t just received a $140 ticket for expired tags and safety check while parked on a public street. It’s not like the car has actually moved sense they expired…

Update (2006-05-01):

Kyle is either a bad business owner or a really smart guy. He won’t touch it.

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