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How to sign your photographs

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As suggested in a posting here it’s a fairly simple matter to sign your photographs with ImageMagick. It’s a little tricky creating the copyright symbol but I’ve settled on this Bash statement.

copyright="`echo -e '\251'` 2006 Joshua Hoblitt" convert -font AvantGarde-DemiOblique -fill silver -pointsize 36 -gravity Southeast -draw "text 30,10 '$copyright'" old.jpg new.jpg

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  1. you should probably also change that so the copyright year is read from the system clock so you never have to think about editing that line.I just posted my pictures from my going-away bash and apparently caught Jeyhan blowing fire too. also, your pics/ page is broken, but you probably knew that.(this is Brandon using Kat’s blogger account cause I don’t have one)

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