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The Flaw in Representational Democracy


Everyday I see news stories that leave me absolutely convinced that government in the United States at the State and Federal level is neither carrying out the wishes of the majority of it’s citizen nor, from an objective point of view, acting in the best interest of the majority of citizens. Why? Well there’s lots of reasons; corruption, thinking your “on a mission from god” (cough, cough), the agenda that causes a person to seek power in office in the first place, etc.. I’ve puzzled this over and over again and I’ve come to the conclusion that is there one principle reason.

Elected politicians more or less represent the views. opinions, and agenda of their constituent voters.

Do you see anything disturbing about that statement? If not, read it again. The key word is voters. Speaking your mind with your close friends and relatives is great, speaking your mind in public is even better, but it is speaking your mind in the voting booth that is required. Those that choose not or fail too vote are equally responsible for the government is power.

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