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Puppet smartd Module version 1.0.0 released to Puppet Forge


Puppet smartd Module

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#### Table of Contents

1. [Overview](#overview)
2. [Description](#description)
3. [Usage](#usage)
4. [Limitations](#limitations)
    * [Tested Platforms](#tested-platforms)
5. [Support](#support)


Manages the smartmontools package including the smartd daemon


Installs the [`smartmontools`](http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/) package
and enables the `smartd` service.

If your hardware supports it, `smartd` can automatically probe for the drives,
but if they are hidden behind a RAID controller, it will need additional help.
The module includes a facter plugin to identify drives hiding behind an LSI
MegaRAID/Dell PERC controller on Linux systems if you have the LSI proprietary
`MegaCli` tool installed; we don't have any FreeBSD machines with this
controller so haven't written the necessary code to use FreeBSD's standard
`mfiutil(8)` utility instead.  The `shell_config` module is required to edit a
Debian-specific configuration file; other OS families do not require it.

Currently, drives behind an LSI MegaRAID controller will be automatically
probed and added to the `smartd` configuration file, if the `MegaCli` utility
is installed.  There is no way to turn this behavior off.  This is arguably a

It is planned that in a future release the `megaraid` specific facts will be
migrated into the
[`puppet-megaraid`](https://github.com/jhoblitt/puppet-megaraid) module.

### Forked

This is a fork of
[`csail/smartd`](http://tig.csail.mit.edu/wiki/TIG/PuppetAtCSAIL) that was
intially made primarily to fix support of probing `SATA` drives behind a LSI
Megaraid controllers.  The author has been aware of the fork and it's hoped
that the two module can be merged.  Since the initial fork, a number of small
API changes have been made to improve usage.


### Basic Usage

    include smartd

    class{ 'smartd': }

### All Parameters

    class{ 'smartd':
      ensure             => 'present',
      package_name       => 'smartmontools',
      service_name       => 'smartd',
      service_ensure     => 'running',
      config_file        => '/etc/smartd.conf',
      devicescan         => true,
      devicescan_options => '-H -m admin@example.com',
      devices            => [ '/dev/sg1', '/dev/sg2' ],
      device_options     => { '/dev/sg1' => '-o on -S on -a', '/dev/sg2' => '-o on -S on -a' },
      mail_to            => 'root',
      warning_schedule   => 'diminishing',


### Tested Platforms

These are the platforms that have had integration testing since the fork.

* el6.x


Please log tickets and issues at [github](https://github.com/jhoblitt/puppet-smartd/issues)

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