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How to delete an LSI MegaRAID Virtual Drive that’s been marked as “bootable”


The LSI MegaCLI management utility has such an atrocious set of camel case flags that it drives even a cli junky like myself into using the MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) GUI for most routine tasks. However, there are a number of important management functions that are not exposed in the GUI. The one I banged into today is that you can not delete a virtual drive if it’s been marked as “bootable”. Eg:

Screenshot-MegaRAID Storage Manager - v13.04.03.01

In order to fix this you have to resort to MegaCLI (or possibly storcli, I haven’t checked to see if it supports the boot [un]anointing functionality).

# MegaCli -AdpBootDrive -get -a0
Adapter 0: Boot Virtual Drive - #0 (target id - 0).

Exit Code: 0x00
# MegaCli -AdpBootDrive -unset -L0 -a0
Boot Virtual Drive is unset to #0 (target id #0) on Adapter 0

Exit Code: 0x00
# MegaCli -AdpBootDrive -get -a0
Adapter 0: No Virtual drive or Physical Drive is configured as boot drive.

Exit Code: 0x00

And now it’s possible to delete “Virtual Drive 0” from the MSM GUI.

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