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I finally decided to clean out the drawer in my desk that I’d been dumping the contents of my pockets into every days for the better part of 3 years. Mass had built up in the drawer to the point that I was concerned about it’s structural integrity. Not to mention the fact that there were some many receipts pill ed up in the draw that I could close it anymore. So I decided to draw out one the Coinstar machine’s at the local super market (Star Market). I’ve known about these machines for awhile but always turned my nose up at the 8% cut they extract. Then I found out you can could get the full face value of your cold hard cash back as an Amazon gift certificate.

Number Counted:
Dollars 0
Half-Dollars 0
Quarters 370
Dimes 199
Nickels 125
Pennies 805
Amt Inserted: $126.70

Plus some EU and what must be Japanese money that the machine graciously returned to me.

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