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Please call the operator if your phone isn’t working…


From: Information Technology Services <announce@hawaii.edu>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 13:56:19 -1000
To: announce@hawaii.edu
Subject: UH-Manoa Campus Phone Problems

We have been experiencing phone problems on the Manoa campus since a service
outage at approximately 4am Monday, July 16. The problems have resulted in
severe static on calls and dropouts of audio signal.

Since early morning UH staff have been working to resolve the problems with our
phone system maintenance provider (Hawaiian Telcom), our phone system
manufacturer (Nortel) and our long distance provider (Sprint). The problems
have been isolated to a clock controller card within the phone system. Hawaiian
Telcom is in the process of installing and testing the replacement card.

ITS will issue an “all clear” when we believe the problems have been resolved.
If you experience problems after that time please dial “0” to report the problem
to the operator.

Our sincere apologies for the difficulties you have encountered today, and thank
you for your patience as we work to restore full service.

This message was sent on behalf of Information Technology Services.
Please do not reply to this message, as it was sent from an
announce-only address that cannot accept incoming email.


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