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Retaining archive links when moving from Blogger to MoveableType


When I converted from Blogger to MT, I renamed the blog path from ‘blog’ to ‘rftm’. The MT importer was clever enough to try to save all of the blogger “permanent” link names. However, since MT and Blogger use different archiving conventions, all the Google indexed links to archive files broke. Here are the rules I used in the Apache2 VHOST to fix the breakage I noticed.

# rename blog path from /blog -> /rtfm
RedirectMatch ^/?blog/(.*)$ http://joshua.hoblitt.com/rtfm/$1

# map from blogger style YYYY_MM_DD_archive.htmlf files to MT YYYY/DD dirs
RedirectMatch ^/?rtfm/(\d{4})_(\d{2})_.._archive.html$ http://joshua.hoblitt.com/rtfm/$1/$2/

# blogger left overs still index by google on 2011-08-03
Redirect /rtfm/labels/resume.html http://joshua.hoblitt.com/resume/joshua_hoblitt-resume.pdf

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